• Architectural masterpiece versus just another building: unlocking real estate value through design

    ARCHITECTURAL MASTERPIECE VERSUS JUST ANOTHER BUILDING: UNLOCKING REAL ESTATE VALUE THROUGH DESIGN.An architectural masterpiece is a building that has been carefully designed by the architect to bring out a particular uniqueness.Buildings such as the Sydney Opera House constructed between 1957 and 1973 and designed by Architect Jorn Utzon from Denmark are masterpieces that will forever become major landmarks due to their unique designs.An example in Kenya is the Kenyatta International Conference Centre which has graced the covers of postcards for years since it was constructed. From Rahimtulla natural stone finishes The KICC building was designed by Norwegian Architect Karl Henric Nostoric in 1967 . The architect was inspired by the traditional African architecture, mainly the hut . The late president Jomo Kenyatta was also instrumental in guiding the architect regarding the African concept.This brought out a unique Architectural masterpiece which has unanimously won the hearts and eyes of many Kenyans to be the best designed high-rise building in Nairobi.The use of just one colour and rough texture on the exterior that looks close to the traditional African adobe house increases the aesthetic appeal in that its comfortable to look at-it does not look too ‘busy' like other high rise buildings that have multi colours and textures on the exterior.The perfect balance achieved through the shape of the tall structure versus the pyramid also helps in creating the aesthetic appeal.No other building in  Nairobi CDB can hold a candle to KICC.UNLOCKING

  • Overseas property market in better shape than expected

    I have been repeating a phrase all week and I am beginning to sound like a stuck record, " No one is going to tell you when the market gets better, it will just happen", and our own experiences in 2010 have started to bear this out. One of our main markets is the old favourite, Spain. We decided to pour time and resources into this when we started Girasol in 2006. sometimes we wondered why! However if you stick at your plan and have enough money and time, things happen.So far this year a combination of confidence and sensible sellers are causing property sales up 26% year-on-year in Spain and we have never been busier. Some of these are developers off loading products and we have enjoyed success with highly geared mortgages and discounts, but many are buying for pleasure, leisure and have a great choice of products. It may be some time for the market to get better but there is still a great choice of property with motivated sellers on board.Our newest market to watch in 2010 has been the Florida one and with a range of pre tenanted offers with a ROI of between 10-14% net, we are excited about this as it is becoming a popular and turn key solution for investors. And as one keeps repeating, "No one is going to tell you when the market will get better, it will just happen". As long as a person is buying for their own reasons and can afford it the market wil continue to hum in the background.

  • What unique features make denver foreclosed homes an ideal investment

    If you are thinking of investing in real estate, you can find some highly lucrative property deals through Denver foreclosed homes. While these properties are available at nearly half of their actual worth at present, buying a home in the city of Denver has some of the most unique benefits as well which has made the area one of the most sought after real estate hubs in the whole of U.S. Known as the Mile High City, the lively city of Denver offers a very wholesome environment for families as well as young professionals who can enjoy a high standard of living at very affordable costs. The region is home to a large number of unique attractions which are famous all over the world such as the Denver Zoo which has been ranked as the most popular zoo in the U.S with one of the most diverse animal collection in the world. If you are a sports fan, the region is an ideal residential destination for you as it is the only other city in America which is home to eight professional sport teams. The region is also famous for its beautiful parks including the Denver Botanical Garden which has been rated as one of the top five gardens in the U.S. By investing in a property through Denver foreclosed homes home buyers can enjoy the benefits of living in a wholesome and thriving community which offers quality neighborhood services such as nationally ranking schools and colleges like the Denver University, premium healthcare facilities including the Cancer Research Institute as well as

  • Greek property negotiations made easy

    The property market in the country hit the highest point over three years ago, and since then prices have been declining, with some properties having lost as much as 40% of their value, while numerous residential home sales has gone down by as much as 75%.In the country, the percentage is higher for home ownership, and several people own holiday homes as well, however, these new property taxes are forcing several to sell up that providing other buyers the upper hand to bargain considerable discounts. It also signifies that there is a better selection of properties to select from in what are in general high demand markets. Particularly, island properties considers as a prominent among the overseas buyers which can be utilized for rental income as well as for the annual holiday excursion which is far more interesting to the overseas property buyers who are looking forward for good return on their investment. But the universal overall state of the global property market has left several people taking into account all of their investment options both at home and abroad and even though this may not be the best time to think about further investment one certainly can not dismiss the opportunities accessible in the Greek property market. The Greek islands are prominent places for holiday homes, both for Greeks themselves and foreigners while the majority of the buyers in Athens are Greek nationals.If you are planning to purchase, property then one have to acquire a Greek tax number and of course, a Greek bank account, and legal fees are generally around the 1.5% or 2% mark up of the purchase price. Since, the market price is very low, a number of Property for sale in Greek is available that can be

  • Consider your hoa before purchasing real estate

    As you hunt for a new house that fits your requirements and suits your preference, you continue discovering developments that have Homeowners' Associations. Foremost, it's important to recognize what this entity encompasses. A Homeowners' Association, usually referred to as an HOA, is an authoritative entity that is fashioned in an attempt to maintain common zones, such as single-family home neighborhoods and condominium developments. They are generally formed by the developers prior to the community being built. Many of these bodies publish newsletters, so look into whether the HOA of the home you are interested in does. These publications contain crucial information, and you should read through them thoroughly prior to proceeding. Just what precisely does this signify for you, the buyer? To start, HOAs reserve the right to impose deed restrictions. Simply put, these legal agreements place restrictions on the use of properties. Such limitations typically serve to maintain the desired appearance of a community, so, if you're looking to make some distinct renovations to your new home, you may wish to stay away from of HOAs. These entities are also used to keep certain areas residential, so, if you have a home based business, you need to examine the specific provisions before going through with with buying a home with a HOA. In addition, HOAs require monthly membership fees. Keep in mind that neighborhoods with a HOA require homeowners in these communities to become members. It is not voluntary, so make sure that you afford to pay these monies before investing in a new property. google_ad_channel = "7940249670, " + AB_cat_channel +

  • The next step in san francisco real estate web marketing

    Website savvy San Francisco realtors are paying less attention to the latest trends in on the web San Francisco Real Estate, and more attention to tools and marketing methods which are already well-established. That's because programmers and users are starting to agree which the most beneficial web site 2.0 tools have a verylready been developed - the challenge now is utilizing tools to their fullest potential. Pros with this approach have a far better chance of increasing their website presence, and putting a solid method in place for the next true wave of world-wide-web creation.The first step in this practice is figuring out which of the brand-new on-line San Francisco Real Estate tools will prove the most helpful over time. Several agents could choose to test all the services they know, but the most effective method for this could also be to simply check what everybody else is utilizing. The sheer volume of San Francisco Real Estate web sites out there, and the variety of different tools being used, makes it easy to surf and compare.At this point, the best and most well-known tools seem to be listings maps, blogs, search engine friendly design, and social networking web pages. Countless San Francisco Real Estate marketing campaigns have these elements, but not numerous use them to their full potential. For example, it remains to be noticed exactly exactly how tools like blogs and listings will be combined, although the potential is definitely there. As San Francisco Real Estate pros begin to identify and develop this list, they'll emerge with a set of efficient

  • Understand the market of real estate to take more profit

    Investing in real estate market is huge and risky decision for everyone's life. For earning more profit from real estate market you need to understand the real estate market carefully. Once you have enough knowledge about real estate market you will definitely find yourself able to make a lot of profit from your real estate market investments. Investing in real estate market is very profitable and exciting way to make money, though it is necessary to have proper knowledge about real estate business cycle and their legal aspects also. Always takes benefit during the time of downturn of real estate market. Especially when property rates are low you can easily invest in these areas and purchase property at low prizes and after sometime you can sell it with the high rates and earn huge amount of profit. Area plays are very important role while you investing in the real estate market always choose the developing areas. You have to select those areas where construction work is just started like hotels, IT industry, building etc because the scope of getting profit is more new constructed area not in already constructed area. If you want to invest for your future saving then these are profitable because you can get that area in whatever price but after some year's price definitely goes up and you'll get large no. of profit at that time. So that you can earn large amount of profit on the coming days as these areas are the hot choice of the people because everybody wants to stay such type of area and utilize all the facilities and enjoy their life. For a new investor in real estate market if he wants to earn more profit then he/she need to do the proper research and have proper knowledge

  • Invoices are valuable marketing real estate

    Is your customer invoice a part of your marketing plan? Why not? I mean, really. After all, it's a repeat point of contact with someone who already has decided to do business with you.Presumably they are already happy with your services. So what better time to make another offer or to upsell your services than right now, while they have their hand on their wallet, thinking about paying you.So, what exactly should be on your invoices? Well, of course all the normal business stuff. You know, the date of service, description of what you did, an amount to pay, etc. But have you ever thought about including any of these on your invoices:--Method of Contact --Yes, you need to constantly provide multiple ways for your customer to reach you. Sure you know all your phone numbers and website, but your customer has probably lost your business card by now. That's why all your contact information needs to be on every invoice. It's like a new business card every week, and your phone number is there at precisely the moment they are thinking about you.You should include all your business phone numbers (including cell phone), your mailing address, your email address, your website addresses, infolines if you use them( you know,"call for free recorded information about your lawn."), and any other way your customer can get in touch with you or your services.--Method of Payments--Let your customers know how easy it is to do business with you. If you accept any form of payment other than cash or checks, you gotta let them know. Do you have a merchant account to accept credit cards? Do some research to

  • Reach your target market with email marketing software

    Let email marketing software help give you the boost you need. With automatic emails, newsletters and announcements, you can reach your target market with little effort or expense.Currently in the real estate market, buyers and sellers are looking for the very best deal they can get. This means they want constant attention, a wide variety of selections and lots of information. With email marketing software, you can set up the database to send specific information out to your entire client list, without having to write each email individually. The emails will be personalized to your specifications based on the information you put in your database. Are your clients looking for apartments or homes, one bedroom or four, garage attached or none at all? You put in your clients' criteria and the email automatically sends the correct information to each client, quickly and easily.Email newsletters highlighting homes, towns and open house events are also easily created. Premade templates are available, ready for you or your staff to customize to meet your needs. Once the newsletter is finalized, the software sends it out to everyone on your list. Links can be set so they can link back to your site for more information. In addition, the software is specially created to go directly in the inbox rather than the spam folder.Give your clients the personal touch without having to spend additional money on staffing. With email marketing software, you can easily give your clients the very latest information with little effort and stay ahead of your competition.Dan

  • Currently seeking a house?-better check denver homes for sale

    Are you presently felt lost in your house seeking? Well, someone cannot really avoid that moment to happen. If you are just a newbie in the said field, there are numerous things that you need to remember in order to have a successful home buying.  If you have essential funding resources, the most excellent fixation to accomplish is to invest and start a business or buy property in Denver Homes for Sale. Invest your money quickly before it disappears because money is very hot in the hands of every person, automatically be ablaze and quickly disappear, without even realizing that you have spent too much for useless stuffs.If you want to be that productive in seeking for a house to own for settlement purpose or for a business venture, be sure that you will check Denver MLS listings. By this way, you can absolutely organize your purchasing quest in a manner that you will not be taken advantage by some suspicious real estate deals nowadays, especially in online means.  If you would not like to end up be apologetic in your own actions, begin to make plans and set up a clear path right away to get the chance to double your money, Denver real estate could give you a definite way. Finding the best area to suit your business should be also top considered.  Money is important for each person as so to have an investment for a lifetime. Nobody can live without it. There are several ways to invest your money anyways. It's up to you to decide how to manage your decision in choosing a property where you could start it.Discovering the best opportunities can be easily put you in the right place, especially if they are not likely